Rental Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our terms and conditions of all our rentals.

This is important and affects your legal rights and obligations, so please read them and other terms referenced in this document carefully. Each guest must affirm electronically or verbally agreement to these terms and conditions. They are legally binding at the point the reservation is secured by payment. Booking through a 3rd party does not waive SkyRun’s rights under these terms and conditions.

Note that the cancellation policy can vary by property. Check the cancellation policy on the property you are booking. This is our default cancellation policy.

Rental Terms

By submitting this reservation, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

CHECK-IN TIME: 4:00 p.m. Early check-in requests may be made twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours prior to arrival date via email or phone and are subject to availability. Early check-in time is 2:00 p.m. Unauthorized early entry will result in an additional charge ($75/per 30 minutes) to the credit card on file prior to check-in.

CHECK-OUT TIME: 10:00 a.m. Late check-out requests must be submitted via email or via phone twenty-four (24) hours prior to guest departure date by 3:00 p.m. Late check-out time is Noon. A $50 charge will be applied to the credit card on file once the request has been authorized. Unauthorized late check-out will result in an additional charge ($75 per 30 minutes) to the credit card on file past check-out time. Departure instructions must be followed to avoid additional charges to the credit card submitted on file at the sole discretion of SkyRun Phoenix. Departure instructions are posted in all properties.

EARLY DEPARTURES: As reservations are carefully scheduled in advance, no refund will be given if guest decides to leave prior to their departure date, regardless of reason.

AGE & OCCUPANCY RESTRICTIONS: Guests must be at least 25 years old to rent a property from SkyRun. At any time SkyRun may request that the guest who reserved must provide a valid ID as proof of age. The person booking the property must be in the property for the entire duration of the guest stay. Maximum occupancy at any time is equal to the number of people the property sleeps in beds. No people beyond that number are allowed at any time. Exceeding this occupancy is grounds for immediate removal from the property without refund.

PARTIES & EVENTS: No house parties, weddings, receptions or events are allowed at any SkyRun Phoenix property. If there is a party in the property (as further evidenced by a noise complaint, security report, or by excessive amounts of trash or destruction) the guest will be charged for a complete clean, replacement of damaged items and property, HOA fines, plus any additional charges necessary to return the home to its previous state. Such activities completely void the Damage Waiver.

SMOKING: Smoking of any kind or substance is prohibited in all properties. Removal of smoke detectors is illegal and will result in charges to credit card submitted/on file at the sole discretion of SkyRun Phoenix. Violators are subject to a $500 fine in addition to applicable cleaning charges and eviction without refund.

PETS: Pets are prohibited in the property at all times (including Emotional Support Pets). Any evidence of pets discovered in or around the home will result in a $500 fine, plus charges for any damages sustained or extra cleaning required, at the sole discretion of SkyRun Phoenix.

TV & INTERNET AVAILABILITY: Most properties are equipped with cable TV or Netflix and are WiFi enabled; these are services paid by the owner, an added benefit to the guest at no additional cost, and provided by a local service provider. SkyRun cannot guarantee reliable internet service. Circumstances outside of SkyRun's control may result in internet service interruptions, outages, degradation or what the guest may consider less than satisfactory service to what they may be accustomed to. SkyRun will not reimburse or refund any monies to the guest in the event of any of the above circumstances. If a guest wants to ensure optimized and reliable service, SkyRun recommends guests travel with their own air card.

PARKING: Parking in some areas/properties can be limited and/or monitored by Home Owners Association (HOAs) guidelines and officials. Towing and ticketing may be enforced. SkyRun Phoenix is not liable for nor will pay for the salvage or any damage to a vehicle. SkyRun will provide parking passes (as applicable) and parking guidelines including the maximum number of cars allowed at property. Guests exceeding the maximum number of cars will be asked to move additional cars to paid overnight parking or may be towed.

REGULAR MAINTENANCE: To ensure all SkyRun properties are properly maintained, SkyRun utilizes the following professional services that may be scheduled during your stay: Pool Cleaning Service, Trash Bin & Recycle Curb Service and Return, Landscaping Service, Pest Control. Service professionals may enter the exterior/back yard of the property, at reasonable times, with or without notice, in order to service the property. If pool is being serviced, guests must exit the pool to allow the technician to properly clean and test the water. If you have questions about the schedule/timing of these services please reach out via email, text or phone and we'll be happy to assist you.

MAINTENANCE ISSUES: Guests agree to contact Phoenix SkyRun, using the contact information provided in the confirmation email, as soon as they notice any maintenance or housekeeping problem. Guests further agree to give Phoenix SkyRun a reasonable amount of time to respond to the report and to cooperate with our efforts to address the concern or schedule a repair. We will take reasonable and appropriate steps to remedy any reported problem as soon as practicable. We may enter the interior of the Property at your invitation to remedy any problem you report, at reasonable times and with reasonable notice to inspect, maintain, or repair the Property, and to address any situation that we reasonably deem an emergency that threatens persons or property.

COMMON-USE AREAS & HOAs: Condominiums and townhouses are managed by 3rd party Home Owners Associations (HOAs). These HOAs manage and control shared amenities which include but are not limited to outdoor grills, hot tubs, pool, fitness areas, parking structures and areas, picnic areas and landscaping. Be aware that during non-peak times amenities may be unavailable due to circumstances out of SkyRun control such as building and amenity maintenance or closures. Also, even during peak times HOAs may need to make buildings and amenities unavailable for emergency maintenance and other reasons out of SkyRun control. For no reason will SkyRun provide a refund if amenities are unavailable due to HOA closures or maintenance. SkyRun Phoenix offers vacation rentals 365 days a year and has no control over the availability of amenities controlled by HOAs or complexes; nor does SkyRun Phoenix have any obligation to disclose availability to guests. SkyRun will not provide any refunds to guests for the unavailability of such services.

CAMERAS: For the protection of the home and homeowners rights, be advised that some homes have outdoor cameras in place to ensure compliance with County, Town or HOA Short-Term Rental rules (parking compliance, noise violations, trash violations, etc.) and violations of terms and conditions will result in guest fines, ticketing or even eviction.

HOUSEKEEPING: SkyRun Phoenix properties are cleaned and inspected prior to guest arrivals and departures. Daily cleaning services are not provided. We ask that you have the home picked up, put back in order and follow the departure instructions and other guidelines posted in the property. Fresh linens, bathroom and kitchen towels are provided. Guests staying more than 7 days may arrange for a mid-stay clean that provides fresh towels and linens, trash take-out, light clean/vacuum. A forty-eight (48) hour notice to SkyRun Phoenix is required. For more than a two week stay, a mid-stay cleaning is required.

TRASH, CLEANING, DAMAGE: Any damage, excessive cleaning, excessive trash removal and incidental charges such as added housekeeping will result in charges to the credit card submitted/on file at the sole discretion of SkyRun Phoenix. Trash should not be stored outside the property unless it is locked in designated area. All garbage must fit in trash cans provided only. If you have additional trash, we asked that you take it with you or contact SkyRun to make arrangements to have it removed.

LOST & FOUND: It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure all personal items are gathered at departure time. Any item left behind in the property that a guest would like returned will be subject to a packaging and shipping fee. We cannot guarantee an item left behind by a guest will be found.

KEYS: All keys, keycards, remotes will be left in the home/unit prior to departure. Lost keys, keycards or remotes will incur a charge of $75.

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY: 100% refund if cancelled within 24 hours of reservation; 50% refund of initial payment up to 90 days prior to check in; no refund if cancelled within 90 days of check in. A refund or rescheduling will be permissible if the property becomes inaccessible or if major systems are down for extended periods of time (e.g., loss of electricity or water). No rain checks. Changes in weather, the cancellation or closure of a local event or point of interest, and other outside factors are not grounds for a refund or right to reschedule.

UNFORESEEN ISSUES: Unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances may occur during your stay including but not limited to, internet, TV, and utility outages, inclement weather, travel delays, limited availability of town services, the closing of common & home amenities (including hot tubs, pools, and fitness centers). Guests are not entitled to full or partial refunds for any unforeseen circumstances.

SPECIFIC PROPERTY BOOKED: You have booked a specific property. However on extremely rare occasions, the specific property you booked may not be available due to circumstances beyond our control such as maintenance problems with the property booked, or a change of ownership or management of the property since you booked. In the event that the property you booked is not available, SkyRun will attempt to place you into a similar or better property at the same price or offer you another property at a lower rate. If the replacement property offered is not acceptable to you for any reason, SkyRun will cancel your reservation and refund your total amount paid. SkyRun does not guarantee that a suitable property will be able to be found. If the property you have rented becomes un-occupiable before or during your stay (heat or refrigerator breaks for example), SkyRun will also make our best effort to find you a similar or better place to move to and if unable to do so, refund the portion of your rent unused.

OWNERSHIP of PROPERTY/USE RIGHTS: The guest acknowledges that they do not own nor have any rights to the property. The guest may never alter the appearance or function of any part or contents of the property at any time (this includes but is not limited to paint, window coverings, furniture, appliances). Additionally, the guest may never employ directly or on the behalf of SkyRun or the homeowner a 3rd party contractor or vendor to perform any work or services within or to the property (this includes but is not limited to hiring housekeepers, handymen, contacting internet or TV providers directly). The guest may not move any furniture or electronics at any time.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: A travel insurance policy is issued through Rental Guardian if you, as the guest, opts-in when booking a reservation with SkyRun Phoenix. If a guest cancels, delays, postpones arrival or leaves early from a planned reservation for a covered reason, refer to coverage documents and important phone numbers provided to you at time of issuing policy and/or on their site to file a claim. Guests are encouraged to call the Customer Care number located on their coverage documents with any questions about the policy and coverage.

DAMAGE WAIVER: Rental reservations include an Accidental Damage Waiver fee that covers REPORTED and unintentional damage up to a maximum of $1,500. The cost to repair any ACCIDENTAL and REPORTED damage to the property including any missing or broken items will be covered at NO CHARGE to Guest(s) as long as the damage is reported to SkyRun Phoenix prior to Guest departure. Should the cost of the damage exceed $1,500, does not meet the criteria for a 'covered loss', is deemed purposeful or negligent or the property owner's insurance policy does not cover the loss, then Guest shall be responsible for the full amount of the damage which will be charged to the credit card submitted/on file at the sole discretion of SkyRun Phoenix. Please report any damage upon arrival to property to SkyRun Phoenix to avoid charges for damage that Guest did not create. Most properties will have locked cabinet(s) or closet(s) for Owner personal possessions. These are privately owned items. If locks are tampered with, significant charges will be levied on the Guest.

VIOLATIONS: Any violations of this rental contract and/or SkyRun Phoenix policies may result in immediate removal from the property.

LIABILITY: Guests understand that the property is a privately owned dwelling with the Owner's furnishings. Neither SkyRun Phoenix nor the Owner of the Property are responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment. Should an appliance become inoperable, SkyRun Phoenix will make every effort to have it serviced. However, SkyRun Phoenix cannot guarantee the time required for item(s) to be repaired or serviced. Guest acknowledges this Waiver of Liability, including but not limited to hot tub, sauna, pool, cook-top, stove or elevator, herein after called features (if so equipped). Guest(s) understands that there are potential risks and dangers that the features may present/cause to children who are not carefully supervised as well as danger to any person using the features for a duration of time, has health problems, is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, medication or pregnant. The Guest agrees to explain the risk of using the features to guests at the property and to be fully and solely responsible for any accidents guests may incur. Guest(s) agrees to waive any claim whatsoever against Owner of Property or SkyRun Phoenix of accidents or claims arising from use of features. Guest agrees to indemnify Owner(s) of Property and SkyRun Phoenix for any claims made by guests caused from guests use of features.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: SkyRun Phoenix assumes no liability for your stay in Arizona or the activities that you take part in while here. The limit of SkyRun Phoenix liability is the total amount of compensation that has been received for the property rental.

LIABILITY RELEASE/INDEMNIFICATION AND WAIVER: SkyRun Phoenix, it's owners, employees, contractors, principals, agents and associated property homeowners will be released and held harmless from any and all liability, claims, disputes, litigation, judgments, costs, expenses and attorney fees whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury to guest, guest guests, invitees or any persons, that may occur while occupying the premises.

This rental agreement may be changed at any time and without notice.

SkyRun Phoenix

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